WordPress London Meetup – Oct. 2017

A Blue 37 Event

Ensuring the design process stays on track, providing world class support and speedy database queries are just some of this months #wpldn discussion points.

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The Night of the Living Style Guides

The line between design and development is getting blurrier, and our approach to web design is becoming more modular. How do we keep track of it all?
Style guides to the rescue!

Using style guides that update as our projects progress, we can visually document our work and ensure that everything stays consistent. They may seem daunting and time-consuming at first, but they don’t have to be.

How do I get started with living style guides? What’s a living style guide anyway, and how do I know if mine is dead? Isn’t that going to slow me down? Why should I bother?

Let’s find out.

Presented by Sarah Semark. Sarah is a designer, developer, and world-traveller. After running a business for eight years, she now works for Automattic where she spends her days building WordPressy things.

When she’s not busy making things, Sarah likes obsessing over typography, collecting impractical footwear, and exploring new places. Follow her @sarahsemark.

Why You Should Give Great Support

So you’ve created a plugin or a theme for WordPress? Awesome! It doesn’t stop there. Find out why great support matters and learn simple ways to get a reputation for excellent support without increasing your time or effort.

Presented by Deborah Beckett. Deborah Beckett has been building web sites and training site owners for over ten years. She lives with her husband and two kids in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA. When not engineering happiness for WordPress.com users, she enjoys running, travel, and spending time with her family. Follow her at @dbeckettnc.

What you didn’t know you need to know about WordPress and databases

There are a number of ways to speed up sites. Caching is one of them. However caching can’t be used in all instances, for example when checking out on an eCommerce site. In those circumstances the speed of talking to the database is important.

WordPress and its plugins aren’t the greatest at structuring data. In this talk we’ll walk through some basics of how databases work, how WordPress is set up, and why some of the queries you thought should be fast, aren’t. And hopefully what to do about some of those.

Presented by Gabor Javorszky.  Gabor is a software engineer / eCommerce consultant who works with WordPress and WooCommerce. His focus is on solving performance bottlenecks. He spends most of his time buried in New Relic. Follow him @javorszky.

Running Order (STC):

18:30 – Arrive for networking and refreshments
19:00 – Opening remarks
19:10 – First Speaker – Sarah Semark
19:50 – Second Speaker – Deborah Beckett
20:05 – Break
20:15 – Third speaker – Gabor Javorszky
20:50 – Closing remarks
21:00 – Social

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The WordPress London meetup is supported by a team of volunteers: AnnabelleDan and Gary